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Physical Education Opt-Out
Please read the following guidelines and procedures before printing the appropriate season's Opt-Out form provided at the bottom of the page.  

Opt-Out Guidelines

  1. Students who have a scheduled study hall are not eligible for Opt-Out.
  2. Grade 9 students are eligible to participate in Opt-Out for only one winter or spring season only.  Students will be in Health Education for the Fall Season.
  3. Seniors are not permitted to use “Early Leave” during their Opt-Out study hall.
  4. In the event of separation from the team, the student will report to Mr. Bertelli the following day for PE placement or risk receiving a grade of No Credit.
  5. If you are going to opt out for the winter, you must select an activity and remain in that activity until December when winter teams are selected. You will then be told where to report to study hall.


Opt-Out Essay Guidelines

  • Essays must be typed in a Word Document using size 12 font, in Times New Roman, double-spaced, and with 1-inch borders.

  • Students are required to answer two of the three opt out questions. 

  • At the top of each essay, students must indicate whether they intend to achieve a Pass grade (500 words each question) or Honors grade (1000 words each question). 

  • All opt out essays will be graded using the following rubric.

  • Winter Rubric

  • See the opt out essay due dates below. 

  • All essays should be submitted via


Winter Sports Opt-Out important dates

12/1/16 - Completed forms must be handed into PE teacher.

12/7/16 - Study Halls will be assigned

1/25/17  - Essays due (Marking Period 2 Grade)

2/21/17 - Return to Physical Education (3rd marking period PE grade)


Spring Sports Opt-Out important dates

4/15/17 - Completed forms must be handed into PE teacher.

4/17/17 - Study Halls will be assigned

6/12/17  - Essays due (stay in Study Hall until the end of the Marking Period)

Opt Out Forms - (Essay questions are listed on the bottom of each form)

Winter Opt Out Form 2016/17


Any questions, please contact Mr. Dan Bertelli.

Dan Bertelli

Supervisor of Arts, Health/PE, and Co-Curricular Activities

Watchung Hills Regional High School

108 Stirling Rd.

Warren, NJ 07059

908.647.4800 x2100